Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking Models...Cole Part 1

Saturday at the ranch was filled with hot naked guys everywhere and I was hard as a rock again. Let you in on a little secret...if I don't get off everyday at least twice I become a beast and a house full of man juice covered models doesn't seem to help me. The first shoot filmed on Saturday was the hot duo between Cole and Logan and I probably had to changed my underwear twice during the film. When Logan and I first saw Cole's 8.5in dick both of our jaws was perfect!!! 8.5in long and thick as my grip I couldn't help but to Google at it all during shoot wondering what it felt like in Logan's ass. He fucked Logan like i have never seen before. I could tell Logan wanted every 8.5in of Cole in him since even when they called for a change Logan didn't want to get off of it Logan's moans from Coles fuck turned me on more and more to where i was dripping precum thru my shorts. I love the taste of a guys cum so I was super excited to see them snowball at the end and almost became jealous. As the day went on I couldn't keep my eyes off Cole and he firm hot body. I don't think the entire day he wore anything besides his underwear which did nothing for hiding his hard cock. Cole and I chatted getting to know one another and as sexy as Cole is he is even more interesting to talk with. The stories he has from serving the military would make anyone stand up and salute. During dinner Cole and I sat watching the other guys chat about all the tail they get and how after the shoots they head to the strip clubs. I think I started to form a little crush on Cole and his firm arms. After dinner I went upstairs to brush my teeth and change into my sleeping wear and Cole poked his head into my room asking where the other beds were. I showed him the Bunk rooms and the TV room and told him the best place to get some good sleep would probably be in my room and I don't mind sharing if he likes to cuddle. He smiled and walked down the hall. I kicked myself for the cheesy pick up line and headed off to bed. As I crawled into bed and settled in the door opened and Cole walked in.....

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  1. Awesome, i see why you want to cuddle cole. He's gorgeous:)