Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have a confession...I love to watch guys jerk off and I love love love cum. I know I know everyone likes that but I want to tell you about my experience and obsession. I have had my fare share of encounters and jerk off sessions with guys starting at a very early age from some guys. However, my first encounter was with a guy in HS that i will never forget. He was the all time jock and known with the Ladies. My Junior yr the high school was under construction and one of the fastest ways to get to the temp parking lot was to cut thru the athletic building. One Friday afternoon I was at school late heading to an event so figure I would cut thru to save some time. As I walked thru the building I could see "Justin" in the distance working out and I decided I needed to hit the tread mills for a couple mins. (Skipping all the Boring me being a stalker and watching him work out) I figured I had enought memory shots to go JO with and head to the showers. As I showered Justin came in from the workout room and started to change. For all you young guys this was when JOCKSTRAPS were still in use and his ass looked awesome in it. I exited the showers, toweled off and moved closer to get dress. I was hard as a rock and I couldn't hide it! "You better get home and take care of that" Justin said laughingly and all I could do was shake my head. Justin removed his jock slowly turning to face me and it seems I wasn't the only one that needed to get home. He wasn't at full attention but you could tel the blood was flowing to the right body parts. I tried to play the "I didnt notice" card and watch from the corner of my eye. Like a cheesy porn movie Justin sat down on the bench and started to jerk off. The "I didnt notice" card went right off the table and I flew around to see this. Feeding into the cheesy porno Justin said "it's cool, happens a lot in here." I also sat down and started to jerk watching his every move. He sat back with his back against the locker, eyes close and mouth open a little letting out small gasp and moans. I couldnt take my eyes off of his lean football built body and his throbbing cock. I could tell he was getting close from the way his body tensed up. Out of nowhere Justin stood up and straddled the bench leaning his cock towards the wood. Letting out a small moan I saw him shoot his cum out while one hand rubbed his stomach.It was thick and creamy making three puddles. As if nothing happened or this was not the first time Justin grabbed his towel and headed to the showers with a "see ya man." I got up went over to his bench and like any gay boy wants to do...tasted his cum. Sour as anything i still remember it like it just happened.

 So when asked to Join the guys of the thought of Justin ran thru my head. All the hot str8 guys that jerk off and shooting the creamy loads all over at the ranch gets me so fucking hard. So, In honor and memory of my first experience I want to share with you one of my favorite videos from Southernstrokes Loads in review. Full with some of the hottest cum shots from recent models like Tommy, Rafael, Nathan, Damien and my personal favorite Aiden. Each of these studs shoot loads of hot man juice all for your entertainment.

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  1. Hey babe love you're blog. I got so hard reading the confession, lots of precum and i finished of wit a slowwank. Keep writing hun;))