Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking Models...Cole part 2

So I crawled into bed getting all settled in Cole walked in!! Lights off I could barely make out where he was as he walked around the bed to the other side. He pulled the covers back and climbed into bed cuddling up close to me. As you might imagine there is nothing SMALL about Cole. From his Bold Military build to his 8.5in thick cock(if you need any help with mind images here is a refresher Cole). I turned on my side facing the wall and he cuddled right behind me gripping me in his arms. I could feel his cock starting to grow as he gripped me tighter and brought me in closer to him. I turned my head and with a slow motion kissed his lips. They were the softest things I have ever experinced driving me to kiss them over and over. Our kisses grow into a intense making out with his tongue playing with mine. Cole slipped the covers off and straddled on top of me as my hands started to explore his body. His hairy chest felt so good against mine and made me only want him to hold closer to my body. With one hand behind my head pulling my hair, his other hand slowly made its way down my body. I started to feel the band of my underwear slipping down to my knees as his hand made its way to my rock hard cock dripping with Pre-cum. As soon as he noticed the precum he stopped kissing me and went down to lick the tip of my dick bringing it back to my mouth. My body shook and making me harder then I ever remember. Since my dick was rock hard I guess he decided that it didnt need anymore attention and moved his hand to my eager hole. He suddenly stopped kissing me and lifted my body up to get a better angle to eat my ass. I let out a LOUD moan and grabbed his head pushing it harder into my hole. There is nothing I love more than a guy that knows how to rim and I was in heaven. As he ate me out I grabbed his cock and jerked it rubbing the precum from it down the shaft of it. Then just like a kid in a candy store he dropped my ass and I knew it was time to fuck. I was nervous since the size of his cock was one of the largest I have ever seen but also excited for the feel of it stretching my hole with pleasure. Cole slide up and grabbed my head kissing me as intense as before. He opened my legs and laid on top of me exploring the edge of my hole with the tip of his cock. Sitting up spitting on his dick and also my hole getting both wet. Rubbing his dick on my hole he leaned back down gripping my shoulder so that as he pushed his cock in he was also pushing me down on it.  I let out a deep moan as my hole Stretched to let his cock in. Now both hands on my shoulders he pushed down on me harder sending his cock all the way in me. I grabbed the sheets as I moaned more(I think both of us forgot that there was a bed room on one side of the wall and tv room on the other side both with people in them). Slowly Cole started to fucking my ass still pushing on my shoulders and his tongue in my mouth to keep the moans down. He read my body and knew when it was time to give me the rough fuck of my life. I couldnt stop moaning and holding onto his body feeling his Hairy chest and arms. I thought I had been fucked rough before but Cole reset the standards and pound my ass harder and harder. I could feel my body pushing up against the head board and Cole kept pushing me down even harder. I was moaning so loud that I think it made him want to go harder and he started to ask me if I wanted it harder. I let out a couple "yes" thru some moans and he leaned back pushing down on my chest and pound me. I could feel the cum building up and I kept telling him "Dont stop dont stop." Suddenly Feeling like  was going to shoot with no hands I grabbed my cock to jerk it. Not able to hold back and longer I let out another deep moan and pumped the cum all over my chest hitting my chin. Cole kept pounding my ass scooping up some of my cum and feeding it to me then kissing me. As he laid over me kissing me I felt his body start to tense up and knew he was going to blow. He trusted into me hard shooting his load as he moaned and kissed me. After about 7 hard trust he Collapsed on top of me and I finally realized how much cum I shot on me. Cole slipped his cock out of me and Cuddled for a couple moments. Figuring it was time to wipe up the cum and hit the bed, we walked down to the bathroom stopping to kiss here and there. We settled back into bed and Cole wrapped his arms back around me as we faded off to sleep. Waking up the next day my small crush for Cole had grown and I was gitty all morning. Cole and I got a sense on how loud we were at breakfast as a couple of the guys talked about the tv on the wall behind my room was shaking on the wall.

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Breaking Models...Cole Part 1

Saturday at the ranch was filled with hot naked guys everywhere and I was hard as a rock again. Let you in on a little secret...if I don't get off everyday at least twice I become a beast and a house full of man juice covered models doesn't seem to help me. The first shoot filmed on Saturday was the hot duo between Cole and Logan and I probably had to changed my underwear twice during the film. When Logan and I first saw Cole's 8.5in dick both of our jaws was perfect!!! 8.5in long and thick as my grip I couldn't help but to Google at it all during shoot wondering what it felt like in Logan's ass. He fucked Logan like i have never seen before. I could tell Logan wanted every 8.5in of Cole in him since even when they called for a change Logan didn't want to get off of it Logan's moans from Coles fuck turned me on more and more to where i was dripping precum thru my shorts. I love the taste of a guys cum so I was super excited to see them snowball at the end and almost became jealous. As the day went on I couldn't keep my eyes off Cole and he firm hot body. I don't think the entire day he wore anything besides his underwear which did nothing for hiding his hard cock. Cole and I chatted getting to know one another and as sexy as Cole is he is even more interesting to talk with. The stories he has from serving the military would make anyone stand up and salute. During dinner Cole and I sat watching the other guys chat about all the tail they get and how after the shoots they head to the strip clubs. I think I started to form a little crush on Cole and his firm arms. After dinner I went upstairs to brush my teeth and change into my sleeping wear and Cole poked his head into my room asking where the other beds were. I showed him the Bunk rooms and the TV room and told him the best place to get some good sleep would probably be in my room and I don't mind sharing if he likes to cuddle. He smiled and walked down the hall. I kicked myself for the cheesy pick up line and headed off to bed. As I crawled into bed and settled in the door opened and Cole walked in.....

Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have a confession...I love to watch guys jerk off and I love love love cum. I know I know everyone likes that but I want to tell you about my experience and obsession. I have had my fare share of encounters and jerk off sessions with guys starting at a very early age from some guys. However, my first encounter was with a guy in HS that i will never forget. He was the all time jock and known with the Ladies. My Junior yr the high school was under construction and one of the fastest ways to get to the temp parking lot was to cut thru the athletic building. One Friday afternoon I was at school late heading to an event so figure I would cut thru to save some time. As I walked thru the building I could see "Justin" in the distance working out and I decided I needed to hit the tread mills for a couple mins. (Skipping all the Boring me being a stalker and watching him work out) I figured I had enought memory shots to go JO with and head to the showers. As I showered Justin came in from the workout room and started to change. For all you young guys this was when JOCKSTRAPS were still in use and his ass looked awesome in it. I exited the showers, toweled off and moved closer to get dress. I was hard as a rock and I couldn't hide it! "You better get home and take care of that" Justin said laughingly and all I could do was shake my head. Justin removed his jock slowly turning to face me and it seems I wasn't the only one that needed to get home. He wasn't at full attention but you could tel the blood was flowing to the right body parts. I tried to play the "I didnt notice" card and watch from the corner of my eye. Like a cheesy porn movie Justin sat down on the bench and started to jerk off. The "I didnt notice" card went right off the table and I flew around to see this. Feeding into the cheesy porno Justin said "it's cool, happens a lot in here." I also sat down and started to jerk watching his every move. He sat back with his back against the locker, eyes close and mouth open a little letting out small gasp and moans. I couldnt take my eyes off of his lean football built body and his throbbing cock. I could tell he was getting close from the way his body tensed up. Out of nowhere Justin stood up and straddled the bench leaning his cock towards the wood. Letting out a small moan I saw him shoot his cum out while one hand rubbed his stomach.It was thick and creamy making three puddles. As if nothing happened or this was not the first time Justin grabbed his towel and headed to the showers with a "see ya man." I got up went over to his bench and like any gay boy wants to do...tasted his cum. Sour as anything i still remember it like it just happened.

 So when asked to Join the guys of the thought of Justin ran thru my head. All the hot str8 guys that jerk off and shooting the creamy loads all over at the ranch gets me so fucking hard. So, In honor and memory of my first experience I want to share with you one of my favorite videos from Southernstrokes Loads in review. Full with some of the hottest cum shots from recent models like Tommy, Rafael, Nathan, Damien and my personal favorite Aiden. Each of these studs shoot loads of hot man juice all for your entertainment.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Good Morning studs! So i have decided to start a little section called MODEL UP where I get to share the inside scoop on the hot guys on

What better person to start with than Haigen Secne and his big 9inch uncut cock. Before my first trip to the ranch I watched everything Haigan did and fucked. I thought I knew every INCH of him inside and out but nothing prepared me for when I actually met him. I quickly learned how he earned the name ranch bad boy and it only made me crave him even more.

I walked down from my room Saturday still a little shocked at what happened last night with Joey Vox. There in front of the kitchen was Haigan and my jaw dropped again...HOLY FUCKING SHIT...he was hot. Taller and my dick harder then ever I introduced myself and told him how excited I was to met and work with is dick I meant him. From his tight chest and sexy arms sex seemed to drip from every part of his body. It was finally time for Haigan to film and I was at full attention to see those pants drop. I knew from his films that he would be a ruff fuck and have a load that every guy would be jealous not to have on them. He fucked Logan with no mercy giving all 9inch until he finished with a hot huge load I wanted to lick up. The rest of the weekend was like a dream where everywhere I looked Haigan had his dick out ready to jerk it and no matter what could produce a load that would feed Africa for a week. I hung out with Haigan sunday as the guys were filming not once did he want to put clothes on and wasn't ashamed to show off his uncut cock. It stood at attention pretty much all weekend and i kick myself for not once touching it. As we sat watching the other guys fucking I turned around and there was Haigan jerking his thick cock and ready to jump into the scene. Haigan jumped up and quickly turned a duo into a threesome with his hard cock fucking Joey. I kind of felt bad for Joey since his first cock to take was haigans hard 9in thick dick. The fourway(which goes up on tomorrow) turned into a all fuck out with the boys jumping from guy to guy fucking anything with a hole. Haigan was the first to cum and shoot his huge load aiming from a mouth and hitting his target. As the other guys shot their load here comes Haigan to shoot another full load all over Logan( i wanted so bad to jump down and lick it off i mean i am a towel boy).

As i sit back and jerk off to Haigan while typing this(explains the typos its hard typing one handed) I cant wait to see more of his 9in dick and maybe one day get fucked by him and get his cum all over me

I would love to hear your Favorite stories and thought for Haigan and I will make sure to pass them on to him.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Breaking the models..part 1

My first trip to the ranch was beyond what I would had imagine. I was told I would fly over with new stroke guy Joey Vox and no words could describe the excitement I had. Turns out joey missed the first flight and after arriving in Dallas I had to wait for his fight to come in. His plane landed and i waited outside the gate checking every guy that came out the walkway for him. Finally he walked out and my jaw dropped. He was wearing a fitted black Tshirt that showed off his chest/arms and jeans that curved every bit. He was HOTTER then I remembered and my cock instantly grow hard. I know everyone hears that these guys are straight and in their head says "yea right" but Joey was one of the straightest stud which every gay guy dreams about getting with.

After settling in at the ranch Joey and I were only ones there except for the guys. A short "get to know everyone" and layout of the weekend I found myself alone with Joey in the living room. We made small talk and I couldn't help but to stare at every part of his body and undress him in my head. We chatted about how he was nervous about sucking his first cock and doing it right. As 1am came around on Friday night i decided it was time to hit the bed and maybe jerk off to the thought that Joey Voxx was sleeping in the room next to mine. I started up the stairs Joey shouted out to wait up for him so he can find the rooms. We walked down the hall to the rooms and I showed Joey where he could sleep and made sure he had everything he needed. As I walked away joey said "hey do you think you could give me some pointers on sucking cock?" Nervously (and a little feeling like i was on MTV's Punk'ed)  I said "yea I'd help you with any questions." Joey walked over to my room and closed the door behind him slowly stripping off his pants. He was soo nervous that he was shaking as my hand made its way down into his boxers. I had to pulled off my pants with my cock was standing at full attention. Joey made the comment " wow your really turned on about this" and i just shook my head yes. I pulled his boxers off and took his soft cock into my mouth working it with my tongue as it grow. (you can find a pic of his cock in the dictonary under PICTURE PERFECT) As i started to suck Joey let out a couple moans and grabbed my head to push my mouth deeper on his cock. Once he was hard I asked if he wanted to give it a turn and see what he could do. I have never been able to get hard on a guy giving me head but the moment he put his mouth on my dick I couldnt help but not to start moaning and getting hard. He sucked my cock deeper and faster stopping here and there to ask if it was ok. Then he jumped up thinking he heard someone coming and ran for the door saying "dude what if someone comes in" i told him " you asked me to give you pointers and thats all your doing. He calmed down after a moment and came back and asked if we could do 69 to easy the nerves of being the only one sucking cock. We jumped on the bed and started to suck each others cock going faster and harder then before. Joey stopped sucking my cock and laid back moaning. " I'm gonna cum man fuck it feels good" joey said and I couldn't stop I wanted his cum. Suddenly he let out a deep moan and grabbed my head and pushed it deeper down his cock.  all of sudden like someone punched him he shouted out "fuck" and shoot his load deep down my throat. His cum tasted sweet and was creamy and thick and i savored every drop of it( check out his solo JOEY VOX to see how hot his cum load is)  As I sucked the last creamy cum out of his cock he surprised me and grabbed my cock and started sucking it again. I was shocked and turned on so much that i couldn't hold back my load and shot as he sucked my cock. As soon as I started to cum Joey jumped off my dick and with some cum in his mouth asked "dude did you shoot your load?" Surprised as him i said "yea i did." and He jumped up grabbed a towel to spit out my cum that got in his mouth and wipe his lips. He took off down the hall to the bathroom to clean up and wash his mouth out as I grabbed my clothes to slip them back on. He came back into the room and slowly put his clothes back on asking " you mind if we don't tell anyone about this?" (in the back of my head i was thinking...aren't you gonna suck a cock tomorrow and your worried about what people will say about tonight?) I replied to him "yea no problem." Joey walked out of my room with his shirt still off and giving me a last glimpse of his hot chest. As I laid in my bed all i couldn't help but notice that my cock was already hard again and the biggest smile every.

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First Post

Hey guys, so last couple months has been life changing for me so I figured I should start writing it down and sharing it with my fans and friends.

For those of you that know me you know I'm a porn freak and always having a laugh. Those of you who dont know me well im a porn freak and love to laugh. In this blog Im going to give you insite to my life and adventures in the porn side of me.
I recently started hanging out with the guys from and these guys know the meaning of a good time. Forget the Playboy mansion give me a ranch in Texas full of hot southern bred guys that are full of cum and I'll be in heaven. I remember when I first told a couple friends that i would be hanging with the guys from and all of them the first thing they told me "they must know you love porn"
I have given myself the name of Towel boy since I get to sit in the back ground and share my adventures with you straight from the ranch and life.

fill free to ask me anything and make sure to follow along cause you never know what will happen to me at the ranch.